Welcome to the home of the Abstract Artificer.

The Artificer creates amusing and puzzling iPhone apps which enthrall and bedazzle. The process of assembly can be best described as absorbing ultraslowed ambient light particles into a small purple box, where they are distilled, solidified, and then twisted into shape (with a hammer).

In any case, the upside of this: if you have a few spare minutes, an iPhone, and one of our games, you'll soon be spending them poking gleefully at your iPhone screen rather than chatting to your friends or doing the housework. Beware. You have now been warned.

Just one last note - in every game or app there is a secret condition which will uncover a hidden message from the Artificer. Find them all!


Abstract Artificer is an independent development project created by Alex Berry, a science graduate and competitive programmer from Tasmania, Australia.

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