Spiri Released
December 7th, 2009

Spiri, our very first game, has gone live on the iTunes App Store! Let the swirling colours engulf the world!


On this grand occasion, the Artificer has given us, his marketing minions, an order to relay just one word of advice:


We'd just like to assure you that we're as confused as you. In any case, we hope you enjoy Spiri! Send us comments, tell your friends!

App Store Link

Announcing Spiri!
December 5th, 2009


Pretty colours.

We're proud to present Spiri, coming soon for iPhone! Spiri is a game of swirling colours wrapped around strangely mesmerising circles. On the border between puzzle and art, Spiri is almost guaranteed to waste hours of your battery life. It's going to be awesome!

November 13th, 2009

Everything starts somewhere. Some things even start at the beginning. You can think of Creation as a delicate process involving the convergence of the will to do something, the method, and the requisite ingredients. Or it as a product of random chance. It's up to you.

Today's announcement is formed of moving water, and starlight, and a couple of unfortunate trees (to whom we are very grateful).

You see, on this most auspicious Friday the 13th of November, something has been born. The shape may yet be indistinct, the size petite, but who can say what it will grow into?

It has ...


The Abstract Artificer